About us

The new Turbo Dynamics tunes are extraordinary ,don't get left in the (snow) dust!!  

Bring your sled where it will get done and get done right! 

Turbo Dynamics 4 stage ECU reflash for trail riding and racing use.

Works on Arctic Cat 2009-2011 Z1 turbo, F1100 turbo XF1100 turbo

Comes with our exclusive Knock Light (warning light) that lets you know when the fuel quality isn't up to par and power is being reduced.

4 programs switchable on the fly using a rotary knob.

From 200-320HP* switcheable on the fly.

Extremely easy to install, only 3 wires to install, no cutting required.

4 programs include the famous:

1- Ecotrail 87-91 octane map 200-220HP (depending on exhaust and intercooler setup)

2- Powertrail 91 240HP to 260HP most powerful program on 91 octane!!!

3- Max 91/94 octane 260HP-280HP ultimate high speed runner

4- Racing map for Radar or Drag racing from 280 up to 320HP with wastegate upgrade (requires Race fuel